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Since their invention, laser pointers have been obvious tools when interacting with computers, especially during presentations, and later after the advent of first-person warfare games. Unfortunately, while the bright spot of the laser pointer readily attracts the attention of viewers, there has been little more utility than that of an optical pointer, a virtual temporary highlighter, if you will.

Until now.

Over the course of two decades, Mr. Karl C. Hansen, founder, CEO, and president of Brilliant Points, Inc., developed, refined, and ultimately patented methods and systems for utilizing digitized video streams to enable capturing and tracking the optical pointer, synchronizing the internal computer "location cursor" with the optical pointer, and mapping pointer movement, color/shape/intensity changes, and patterns of movement, into commands and command sequences which enable full control of a computer with just an optical pointing device.

Imagine: Full control. Point. Click. Click-and-drag. Select text. Copy-and-paste. Even data entry via a popup keyboard. All using just a laser pointer.

No longer is a presenter tethered to his computer via wires, or RF range limits. No longer is an assistant needed to start up other applications should the need present itself during a presentation.

Gamers can have a 'laser sight' which actually controls the true aimpoint, rather than be simply a cute add-on.

A SIMPLE setup of a digital video camera (typically a good web-cam) and some image processing (typically drivers or hardware embedded in the camera, but also works as a software module on high-end laptops and desktops) is all that is necessary for you to experience the true power of full 'optical-wireless' control of your computer! No more worrying about whether the batteries are working in your wireless remote. If you can see the pointer, the camera can see the pointer. If the camera can see the pointer, you control your computer!

DIRECT control where you run the show, and can roam about the area as you please without sacrificing the performance. Road trips can be less expensive because you no longer need the 'technical assistant' to run the laptop during your presentation, and figure out why the wireless remote doesn't seem to connect to the computer. First-person gaming can be more immersive. Television remote controls can finally come into the modern era where you point-and-click on what you want rather than 'push' a selection around a screen or scroll up/down through endless lists. Really and truly, 'what you see is what you get', but brought to a new level of useability!

A BRILLIANT idea, perfected over two decades, culminating in a series of patents and ongoing applications, at last made available to the general public.


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