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We are proud to announce a new Patent-Pending technological breakthrough which enables breaking the I/O bottleneck that hobbles high-speed integrated circuit interconnections. For decades we have seen on-chip capability grow at or near the curve known as "Moore's Law", while I/O capabilities languished due to the physical limits of I/O pad size and digital signaling. Please download and read our White Paper titled "Breaking The I/O Bottleneck" describing the breakthrough. Contact us for more information!

We invite you to browse around and learn about our Patented technology, enabling full control of computing systems with just a laser pointer!

We hold several awarded patents and have additional patents pending, covering this technology in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan.

We are proud to announce a patent licensing deal with Taiwan-based PixArt Imaging. PixArt Imaging is the well-known supplier of the CMOS image sensor used in the Nintendo Wii Remote.

If it has been awhile since your last visit, our history has some added information and encouragement for all of the entrepreneurs out there!

We have entered into licensing discussions with several other companies spanning the projector, sensor (CMOS and CCD), camera, and pointer markets. If you or your company is interested in licensing this technology please contact us using the addresses provided on the contact us page.

We are also proud to announce filings for several additional patents for enhanced easy-to-use remote control systems that embed the already patented technology. Our goal with this new patent suite is to make the television remote control as simple to use as the mouse on our computers: point-and-click to change channels. Rotate the wrist to turn volume up or down! Point to select which of several picture-in-picture displays to enlarge when game-surfing on the weekends! No longer need anyone be stymied by the dozens or more buttons on a remote control.



Demo Videos
The following videos are rather large, and will probably be viewed best by downloading them first to your computer, then viewing them locally. They are both many megabytes in size. Both utilize a custom-made 3-spot laser pointer, but the technology works just as well with a single-spot standard laser pointer.

Surfing the Web
This first video demonstrates a wide range of uses, including copy-and-paste, click-and-drag, etc., showing easy control of your computer with just a laser pointer!

Text Entry
This video demonstrates text entry using a laser pointer!

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